Jonathan received his Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota where he was awarded the College of Design Award of Excellence in Scholarship and Design; most recently he was awarded a Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award at the U.N. Conference for Sustainable Design. He maintains an Adjunct Assistant Professor role at the College of Design, frequently is a jury member for the graduate school’s design critiques, and was recently published for his work on sustainable climate change metrics (The Park Reconfigured, Dec. 2011) and work on development strategies in the Venetian Lagoon (Extreme Cities, June 2010).


Jonathan’s education began with a Bachelor of Arts in Theoretical Physics from St. John’s University and since has merged his passion for engineering and design within the field of Landscape Architecture. As a project manager at Coen + Partners, Jonathan believes that design must evolve with respect to context such that the solution inherently achieves sustainability through reinforcement of natural systems and amplification of appropriate balance.