Lavin Bernick Center

The Tulane University Center project includes the redesign and expansion of the existing university center and surrounding campus area. Coen+Partners collaborated with Vincent James Associates Architects to design exterior vegetative treatments for the building and to redesign a small pocket park adjacent to the University Center.

The design explores ways to convey the lushness of the semi-tropical New Orleans climate purely through form and texture rather than with color or variety. Therefore the material and plant palette are very simple: vertical planes of climbing vines extend from the building into the surrounding landscape; these insertions into the pocket park create soft divisions between passive and active spaces. Linear benches along thoroughfares and within the pocket park recall the horizontality of the building. These features required extensive material research and determined design direction in order to produce simple and beautiful site forms.


LOCATION: Tulane University-New Orleans, Louisiana

COLLABORATORS: Vincent James Associate Architects 

SIZE: 132,400 SF / 3 acres

RECOGNITION: 2008 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Award (Vincent James Associates Architects), 2010 ASLA Honor Award, Minnesota Chapter