Movement on Main was a competition to redesign Wyoming Street in the Near Westside neighborhood in Syracuse, New York. The street is situated at the confluence of residential areas, public housing, and abandoned industrial lots. The neighborhood itself is diverse, with a 70% non-white population of which 50% are living below poverty level, 37% are disabled, and 50% did not finish high school. A city-wide effort has been made to transform the neighborhood, and several non-profit organizations have been established in the area. The project itself calls for a redesign of the entire five blocks of Wyoming Street and a number of adjacent spaces including a parking lot, a pocket lot between two non-profit organizations, two lots next to an art studio, a triangular space between public housing, and an open space in front of a local grocery store.


The design concept is organized by three interrelated guiding principles that promote healthy living for all who live and work within the neighborhood. The three objectives – meditate, move, and collaborate – define the design program and physically organize the site in a linear method, from west to east.  Paramount to this strategy is a recognition that fitness of the mind (collaborate), body (move) and soul (meditate) are essential to holistic well-being.  The concept interlaces these ideas into an interactive neighborhood street where all design interventions foster a socially, economically, programmatically, and environmentally sustainable environment for all ages.


LOCATION: Syracuse, New York

COLLABORATORS: Great Ecology, Transsolar, Kestrel Design, PPM

SIZE: 7.5 acres

RECOGNITION: 2014 ASLA Merit Award, Minnesota Chapter