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Bridget Ayers Looby, Designer

Bridget is driven by a curiosity for the systems and ecologies of everyday places and has a particular interest in our relationship to water and its infrastructure. Her diverse background includes planning and design of public and private space, international cultural exchange efforts, rural river restoration, and experimental art installations. Through her experience across disciplines and scales, Bridget aims to bring a foundation of clarity, research, and resiliency into the design process. 

Bridget holds a Master of Landscape Architecture, a UW Certificate in Green Stormwater Design, a B.A. in Portuguese & Spanish, and is a USGBC SITES Accredited Professional.  Her work has been recognized by the University of Minnesota, ASLA Minnesota, ASLA National, and the Landscape Architecture Foundation.  Outside the office she enjoys exploring local biomes, climbing and biking, and spending time behind the pottery wheel.


Aubrey Jahelka, Designer

Shaped by her background in Architecture and Planning, Aubrey is passionate about translating sound large-scale planning moves into overarching themes, beautiful and intimate public placemaking, and activation. Aubrey’s approach is derived from analytical processes and believes that by connecting physical, natural and social systems, projects inevitably become timeless. Aubrey holds a B.S in Architecture, a Masters in City Planning, a certificate in Energy Management & Policy and is an AICP candidate.

In her spare time Aubrey enjoys cooking, hiking, kayaking and travelling.

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Ethan McKnight, Designer

Ethan is deeply fascinated by the way physical and cultural histories impact our experience of shared spaces. He draws often on his background in history and philosophy for inspiration in the creation of elegant and meaningful spaces. Ethan worked in design-build trades for eight years before earning his MLA from the University of Minnesota, where he received awards for his work from ASLA-MN, the Landscape Architecture Foundation, and the College of Design. 

A transplant of rural Wisconsin, Ethan enjoys getting outside as much as possible – camping, hiking, sitting in the Sky Pesher, and experimenting in his own garden among other things. Ethan is also the co-editor of _SCAPE, the bi-annual publication of ASLA-MN. 


Amy Speckien, Office Manager

Amy has a BFA from Northern Illinois University and her previous jobs at law firms left her missing the creative environment. The synergy at Coen+Parters inspires Amy daily as she ensures the office runs smoothly and supports the entire team. Amy enjoys spending summer weekends at Madeline Island and winter weekends inside waiting for Summer. Other passions include birch trees, Pilot G-2 Retractable pens, and her favorite frozen pizza is a tie between Heggie’s and Jack’s.



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