Shane Coen, Founder, FASLA

Shane loves the moment an idea is formed. It may come from research, past experience, visiting spaces or instinct. It may come while you are playing or working, while you are alone or collaborating. It may come from your client, anyone on a team, or even a friend. It is in that moment that Shane feels the magic of design. The rigorous and iterative process that follows after the idea is formed is what he describes as the science of design. This unique individual and collaborative process has inspired Shane for the past 27 years.

 Shane is a teacher, mentor, and collaborator. He has taught at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and lectures extensively. He is recognized throughout the world for his and the firm’s commitment to a process that celebrates the social and environmental context of a project from start to completion.

 Shane does not believe in separating work and life. He has always believed work and life are one and the same; balance is found in life, not in separating the pieces. He has a regular Kundalini practice and can often be found deep in the woods foraging for mushrooms and other edible plants and greens that grow all around us. Most of all, Shane finds meaning in strengthening his relationships with his partner, their respective children, families and friends. Shane Coen is the recipient of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Award and is the Founder and CEO of Coen+Partners.


Sara Czerwinski, Partner

Sara leads the strategic financial planning and operations and serves as the COO and CFO of Coen+Partners. Her focus is on implementing efficient operating strategies to elevate individuals and the firm in growth and performance. Systems within a vibrant and growing organization affect the financial function; Sara believes refined systems, controls, and practices are essential to the strength and growth of the firm and that an engaged and inspired team will perform at an optimal level.

Sara has worked with large, multinational organizations, small- to medium-sized businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Sara’s professional experience started at PricewaterhouseCoopers; she has utilized her passion for financial strategies and systems and professional business experience to perform in a management role relating to project and team management and client and staff relationship development.

Outside of her professional life, Sara fills her time with activities with her partner and two children. She loves clearing her mind in the woods, yoga, all aspects of holistic health and healing and finding ways to fuel by breaking connections to technology while building connections to people and places.  


Robin Ganser, Principal

Robin is an urbanist at heart and continually finds inspiration in the messy, beautiful complications of building cities.  For over 15 years, his work has been rooted in creating urban places that allow people to live sustainably, engage in civic life, and find healing respite within their everyday lives.  He lives every day observing his surroundings in search of the essence of a place, the disfunction of human intervention, and the infinite opportunity that lies between. 

Following a degree in Architecture and Business Management from the University of Minnesota, Robin’s career began in neighborhood master planning through interactive design charrettes and dynamic community engagement.  The active listening and consensus-building skills developed through these early experiences have fueled his success in navigating public-private partnerships and complex, multi-disciplinary urban design processes at various scales nationally and internationally.   

Growing up in the woods of southern Wisconsin, Robin still recharges with an occasional forest immersion, usually in the saddle of a mountain bike.  More often though, Robin, his partner and two kids, spend weekends, vacations, and summer evenings in-between cycling streets and sampling experiences and flavors of the city – Minneapolis or otherwise.


Laura Kamin-Lyndgaard, Senior Associate

Laura focuses on human interactions with space and place and believes successful site design should be functionally elegant and beautiful. Laura draws inspiration from her background of theatrical design, where every physical element on the stage is imbued with meaning, and from her BA in German, where every story is filled with symbolism (and complex sentence structures).

Laura has served on the education committee for ASLA-MN and is always on the hunt for new products, materials, and research to learn about.  In her free time, Laura enjoys sewing elaborate costumes for her son, spending quintessential Minnesota weekends with her family at the lake, and is constantly on the search for her next novel to read. 


Britton Jones, Project Manager

Britton is inspired by the cultural stories of place and how they relate to changing landscapes over time – physical, political, environmental or otherwise. Whether an urban plaza or tidal marsh restoration, Britton’s work for the past 15 years strives to make stronger connections between people and their environment. Through his extensive community engagement in design he understands the role design plays in creating culture and a sense of belonging. 

Britton holds both a Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Science Environmental Design from Auburn University and is licensed in the states of Minnesota and Mississippi. Britton dedicates much of his free time exploring the outdoors with his family and being involved in his local community.


Wanjing Ji, Project Manager

Influenced by extensive travels to different parts of the world, Wanjing is intrigued by the way unique cultures and ecologies shape people’s approach in place-making. She enjoys bringing philosophical thinking to a project and believes beauty combined with rich analysis and research leads to meaningful design.  

With a Bachelor of Architecture from Tsinghua University and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, Wanjing seeks common ground between architecture and landscape through spatial, geometrical, and proportional alliances. Her experience at a design-build firm in scenic Southwest China built close connections with the rich local culture of craftsmanship, detailing and planting design. Outside the office, Wanjing enjoys traveling, observing plants in different seasons and climate zones, reading, and watching documentaries.