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Becca Bartlett


Becca has worked in the design of public and institutional open spaces, landscapes, and outdoor exhibits for over ten years. Her outlook on sustainable design is informed by her childhood growing up on an island 30 miles out to sea with limited resources and a fishery-based economy. Becca brings her perspective from self-reliant island living to sustainable design strategies within the urban setting. She is interested in the direct engagement of people through interactive interventions in the public realm and explored this type of prototypical design via public art installations and exhibits at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Science Museum.

Becca holds an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from Bowdoin College and went on to receive her Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Becca loves to play outdoors, whether camping in the backcountry with her wife, exploring the rugged California coast, or road biking, running, and caring for their many plants at home.