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Jingjing Ji


Jingjing believes that design can create a powerful bond between people and the built environment. She is also fascinated by the intricacies between material space and social relationships. She believes that far from being part of the background in society, design is both an “objective” material reality and an artificially constructed “environment” that can be endowed with immense cultural significance. These built environments can connect communities and provide a path towards a better future for people throughout the world.

Jingjing holds a Bachelor of Landscape Agriculture from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University and received a Master of Landscape Architecture and an Urban Design Certificate from the University of Virginia, where she was also awarded the VA ASLA Professional and Student Merit Award for Analysis and Planning.

Jingjing is a passionate cook in her spare time and enjoys exploring the environment around her through unstructured walks and by observing, documenting, and interpreting what she sees in daily life and the natural world.