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Lindsey Luria


At the core of Lindsey’s work is a desire to create opportunities for regenerative interaction with the environment. Rather than designing for minimal impact, Lindsey believes that human participation in ecological cycles is embedded in our history and inevitable in our future, and so it should be done with consciousness. Lindsey has worked across scales, ranging from garden details to campus and city master planning, to design landscapes that inspire and enable mutual care-taking relationships between people and the natural world.

Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Geographic Science and minor in Environmental Studies from James Madison University and a Master of Landscape Architecture and Certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Virginia, where she was awarded several grants to support her traveling research in cultural landscapes.

Lindsey loves traveling to new places, as well as engaging with her own community and environment through outdoor sports, sketching, and local food. Based in coastal Maine, she is learning to surf and enjoys supporting sustainable fisheries.