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Michelle Weiss

Executive Assistant

Michelle enjoys building relationships with people through authentic communication. She is drawn to stories and loves to find meaning and depth in details. She loves spaces, art, and landscapes that inspire emotional reactions and profound connection with humans or nature. She is highly organized and a natural helper.

Michelle graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Studies in Cinema and Media Culture. After graduating, she spent several years working abroad, first having taught business English to adults in Germany and then moving to Austria to work for the publications department of an international medical society. Upon returning to Minnesota, she worked as an administrative assistant for an architecture firm, primarily taking on construction administration tasks, contracts, and document control before joining C+P.

Her small joys include observing the wonders of nature on hikes or leisurely bike rides, exploring art, traveling to new places, finding music to revel in, playing tennis, practicing yoga, and running to the nearest lake. She also enjoys reading in the sun and writing as a daily meditation practice.