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Simon Routledge

General Manager: KSA Office

Simon’s overarching passion is in making great landscape designs a reality. He believes a strong design concept is fundamental for any landscape, and the essence of that design must be upheld throughout the tender and construction process. Simon practiced as a Landscape Architect in the United Kingdom for eight years, before moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2005. His educational background in design, combined with his extensive experience in the delivery of projects on-site has given him many opportunities to deliver world-class landscapes as part of a dedicated team of professionals in both the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Simon received a BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture from Leeds Metropolitan University and is a Chartered Member of the British Landscape Institute.

When he is not in the office or managing the progress and quality of works on site, Simon spends time with his wife and three children at the beach enjoying the water, kite surfing or paddle boarding, or exploring the region’s wadi and desert landscapes. Simon is passionate about sports and loves to focus his mind with a run most mornings