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Souliyahn Keobounpheng

Design Director: Architecture

Souliyahn brings a grounded and imaginative perspective to his work that is rooted in understanding US culture in the context of a wider worldview. Through his 20+ years of dynamic experience, Souliyahn has cultivated a critical, creative approach to the design and building industry. A strong believer of using state-of-the-art technology to manifest great designs, Souliyahn views the merger of idea generation with “how things are actually made” as a disruptive game-changer for the design profession.

For 18 years, Souliyahn worked with long-time Coen+Partners collaborator—Salmela Architecture and Design. More recently, he has focused on roles including technical fabrication and team manager for highly technical projects with a range of award-winning design firms throughout the United States.

Souliyahn holds a Masters of Architecture and Bachelors of Architecture, both from the University of Minnesota. As a committed lover of design and art, he spends his time away from the office designing and building cabins, vacation homes, creative sculptures, small structures, and more. He uses these endeavors to mentor the next generation of designers on hands-on fabrication experience.

Souliyahn is an avid explorer—adventuring through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan on motorcycle; canoeing through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; or connecting with locals while getting lost in any major city. He embraces the climate of Minnesota—his adopted home—giddily walking on frozen lakes, and enjoying the wonder and magic of falling snow.