Shane coen gives a TedX talk on Contextual Design;Creating Connection and Calm

"The experience of preparing for and giving the TEDx talk was a journey into my own life history in finding where my passion for minimalist and contextual design originated. It was not only the origin, which began at a very young age, but also how the passion followed me through periods of darkness, light and growth. It was in the TEDx process that I realized my ever-racing mind calms when I design. When I started my career, the unconscious calm that came in designing fueled my work. Over the years, I saw how our landscapes impacted people and I hope that in creating spaces with the approach of contextual minimalism that we can bring calm to thousands of people for hundreds of years.

What I also found while in Wilmington were exceptional people who in their own lives and pursuits also found their passions in life. Each talk was interesting due to content, but what made each one meaningful was how every person truly loved their life’s work. I was deeply inspired and am grateful to have been in the company of everyone involved in TEDx.

Both the preparation and the actual event were central to reigniting my love of design and served as an inspirational moment in moving forward to the next phase in my life’s work."

Link to the TEDx live presentation