Coen+Partners is provided landscape architectural design for a new residential tower in the Bishan neighborhood of Singapore in collaboration with project lead Safdie Architects. The project creates a multi-dimensional matrix of homes featuring private terraces, outdoor Sky Bridges, a rooftop pool and lounge, and ground-level contemporary gardens and swimming pools. The design of the towers provides for lush greenery, optimal orientation relative to the sun, naturally ventilated units, and generous views, all without compromising on efficiency or building structures.

In collaboration with Safdie Architects, Coen + Partners is designing  Bishan Park at the base of the towers. At ground level, seventy-five percent of the site’s area is being designed as verdant contemporary gardens, private landscape rooms, swimming pools, and walking paths. In addition, several rooftop spaces, including the Sky Bridges, linking the towers at intermediate levels, and the apex infinity pool and outdoor lounge area, offering residents unparalleled views to the surrounding site and urban context. 


LOCATION: Bishan, Singapore

COLLABORATORS: Safdie architects

SIZE (AREA): 150,000 SF/ 3.4 Acres (13,717 SM)

RECOGNITION: 2016 ASLA Merit Award, Minnesota Chapter