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Elena Pauling

Senior Designer

Elena feels satisfied when she can leave a place better than how she found it, and that includes designing areas to either bring them back to life for the people to enjoy or create a livable and enjoyable space in areas that people otherwise avoid. Elena grew up in Cuneo, Italy, a town between two rivers one hour away from the Mediterranean sea and at the bottom of the Alps. She spent her time there between the water and the mountain—experiencing and enjoying the land through sports and traveling.

She earned a Bachelor of Architecture, and eventually her curiosity and passion for outdoor life brought her to specialize in landscape architecture—obtaining her Master of Landscape Architecture degree and professional licensure in Italy.

Elena worked for an engineer in Genova as an architect, redesigning interior spaces of old buildings. After a year she moved to New York City to work for a Landscape Architecture firm as a landscape designer for 5 years helping design play yards for the New York School Construction Authority, parks for the New York Parks Department, and various sports yards for the New York Housing Authority.

She loves to enrich her own life with other people’s cultures and observe how they use the space around them. All of this helps her to become a better person and a better designer. Elena loves running and biking as a way to experiencing the surrounding area, and to exercise. She also practices rock climbing, aerial dance, kayaking, and sailing and is constantly working on herself to improve as a human being and keeping a few very important values that she has learned during her life: be humble and honest always, and choose love over fear.