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We are a global landscape architecture and urban design practice that transforms environments through contextual design and commitment to craft.

Discovering the essence of place

We find inspiration in the immediate and regional context of our projects, and honor the people, plants, and animals who have and will use them.

Our Ethos

We are risk-takers and we actively pursue designs that elevate accepted norms. Through extensive research and study, we innovate in the present while standing on the solid ground of history, context, and the most meaningful work of the past. We believe humans feel harmonious design in their soul and that everyone should have access to beautifully designed spaces.

“From shaping our parks and buildings to transforming the creative infrastructure and the ways we tell our stories, Coen+Partners demonstrates the power of design in everyday life.”

Dean, Princeton University School of Architecture

Lake Marion

For this private residence, we used geometric shapes to celebrate the existing ecosystem through contrast. With long lines and vantage points that add sense and story to an amorphous environment, the added pathways are honest about human intervention while amplifying the magic of the terrain.

Urban Wadi

Carved out of the earth and celebrating local materials and culture, this radical intervention creates a place for people to gather in a new type of urban garden. Designed as an abstraction of natural wadis, this hub connects users with their community, their history, and with the terrain.

Connecting People To The Earth + To Each Other

In the profound simplicity of ‘feet on the ground, the earth will tell us what to do,’ we uncover a guiding ethos that forms the bedrock of our design philosophy. Embracing a symbiotic relationship with the earth, we believe that nature itself holds the keys to harmonious and sustainable design. Our practice is rooted in the understanding that the landscape, with its nuanced textures and whispers, possesses an innate wisdom waiting to be heard. By keeping our ‘feet on the ground,’ we establish a direct connection with the terrain, allowing us to attune ourselves to its subtle cues and profound narratives

Commitment to Equity

We are committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all facets of our work and lives. To start, we have compiled a list of resources to encourage listening, growth, and self-reflection.

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