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Sports Boulevard

Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Design
The Sports Boulevard transforms a transit corridor into a world-class open space system that will revolutionize the public realm for millions of Saudis.

The Sports Boulevard is a cycling and sports corridor that is transforming Riyadh through inspiring new development, promoting wellness, and social exchange, and enabling vibrant communities to thrive. The project establishes a paradigm-shifting transportation network that puts people first by emphasizing alternative transportation methods.


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Completed 2017
El Dorado, Typsa
25 acres+

The corridor extends over 135km within the city of Riyadh adding nearly 4.2 million square meters of new public open space, 170,000 square meters of arts and cultural venues, 2.3 million square meters of private development, and over 13 million square meters of red sands conservation and recreation park space. Winding through the entire project is a pedestrian and bicycle corridor—promoting healthy connections and movement across Riyadh.

Coen+Partners developed this transformational master plan to align with the strategic goals laid out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, The cycling path, which serves as a foundational framework, threads through the city and beyond—linking the banks of Wadi Hanifah, the right-of-way of Mohammed bin Salman Road, vast ecologies surrounding Wadi Sulai that become an innovative public park, and more. The result is a world-class open space park system that has the power to change lives of millions of Saudis.

SportsBoulevard Wadi Hanifah

SportsBoulevard Promenade

Sports Boulevard is a revolutionary vision that empowers a city to discover balance through elegance and simplicity. The transformation corridor emphasizes an authentic celebration of local context and culture, while creating sustainable public space for generations to come.

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