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King Salman Park Design Competition

Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
King Salman Park will regenerate the culture and quality of life for Riyadh citizens.

In 2019, Coen+Partners was invited to a competition to transform King Salman Park into a major recreational destination for the City of Riyadh. The park is a revolutionary vision that will transform Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King Salman Park will regenerate the culture and quality of life for Riyadh citizens, and serve as an iconic destination sought out by people from all over the world.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Completed 2020
25 acres+

The park’s size, its location in the center of Riyadh, and its diverse assets and programming will all contribute to the park’s success. With a focus on innovation, connection, sustainability, history, and culture, the project will create a world-class iconic park landscape that is unmistakably Saudi. Likewise, the park will realize the ambitious goals set forth in Riyadh’s Vision 2030.

Building upon the strength of an existing Urban Design Master Plan, the landscape will enrich the visitor experience throughout the park. The additional wadis, spectacles, and diverse spaces created along the Innovation Loop, the landforms and cultural rooms of the Inner Park plateaus, and the expansion of the Green Fingers into the city will all greatly enhance the park plan.

The expression and celebration of Riyadh’s history and culture in all aspects of the park are what make this design extraordinary and iconic. The landscape will serve to unite all park assets and spaces into a singular identify composed of Saudi-forms, textures, colors, and spaces.