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Israa Othman

Office + Communications Manager

A person is the result of the experiences they accumulate over the years. Each person the result of our own decisions and feelings. We grow with the changes in our mind and in our openness to the world. Since we do not live alone, all of this affects human relationships. The challenge is to maintain our humanity, compassion, and kindness at all times.

Israa has more than 17 years of diverse experience. She started in the banking field, then worked in the government sector, and then in the publishing, media, and events management sector. Every place Israa has worked left her with a clear vision of what she loved and wanted. That is ultimately how she found herself thriving in everything related to the management of humanitarian affairs and events management. How beautiful it is for a topic to begin with an idea and then end with joy, a beautiful day, and a special, unforgettable event.

Her beloved Riyadh is where Israa has lived all her life. She has witnessed Riyadh’s development and the qualitative shift that it is experiencing, alongside Saudi Arabia’s general shift to achieve the goals of vision of 2030.

Outside of work, Israa loves spending time with her family, traveling to new places, and reading history, philosophy, literature and poetry.