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Ken Ray


Ken strives to create balance and reprioritization of the design values of projects. His work builds safe and accessible public spaces that are critical to the success of vibrant communities. He believes the public realm creates places and spaces where people build memories that enrich everyone’s experience. His professional path includes horticulture, landscape architecture and planning, and his personal passions add a desire to make cycling comfortable for all users.

With a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a Master of Landscape Architecture, Ken uses a broad knowledge of plant material that can be used in urban environments to utilize LID stormwater techniques and help remediate environmental issues. Ken’s professional experience gives him focus on developing creative, yet practical solutions that move people more effectively, while improving the quality of life of the space. Ken is known for his ability to effectively communicate unique designs with his compelling graphics and dynamic presentations. He has traveled to cities and towns across North America—leading design charrettes with communities seeking to retrofit the public realm to support multimodal and quality of life aspirations.

Outside of work, Ken participates in endurance road and gravel cycling races and works locally to develop the sport of cycling at all levels. He loves to travel the world with his wife and son, and discover new roads and adventures by bike.