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Nathan Evans

Senior Business Development + Marketing Manager

Nathan is passionate about developing designs which celebrate context. He finds inspiration in the story and enjoys simplifying ideas to their core, playing with simple design elements to communicate authenticity. Nate is energized by creating collaborative designs and is enthusiastic about working with the team to develop unique strategies to weave graphic elements seamlessly into the built environment.

He received his Bachelor of Arts from Luther College with an emphasis in Art and Art Education. Nate has over 10 years of design and marketing experience ranging from screen-printing and graphic design to proposal and business development. Nathan has been active in design mentor programs including the University of Minnesota College of Design Mentor Program and ArtBuddies. He has been involved in Society for Marketing Professional Services as well at the Urban Land Institute.

As a rural Iowa native, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and getting his hands dirty. You can typically find him spending time with his family hiking and biking, or in the kitchen trying out new recipes.