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Pet of the Month

Originally a rescue from Texas, Rowan (aka Rowie) has grown into a handsome 100-pound dog with equal parts German shepherd, mastiff, pit bull, and Australian shepherd. He is an important family member to Heather Tietz and during the week he is known around the neighborhood for looking out the window at his post on the couch and serving as house guardian. His favorite season is winter, evidenced by his snow-triggered zoomies, skijoring outings, clinging to patches of snow in the spring, and his resistance to rainy or hot weather walks. Rowan is an avid hiker and summitted his first 14er last year, Mount Bierstadt, in Colorado. He enjoys a game of hide-and-seek at the park or at home and is also obsessed with his older feline sister and must be separated to keep peace in the house. To calm his energy, he enjoys listening to Beyoncé and Norah Jones. He’s a total sweetheart who loves giving kisses and can be found sleeping at night with his arm wrapped around his stuffed squeaky gator.