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Robin Ganser


Robin is an urbanist at heart and continually finds inspiration in the messy, beautiful complications of building cities. For over 15 years, his work has been rooted in creating urban places that allow people to live sustainably, engage in civic life, and find healing respite within their everyday lives. He lives every day observing his surroundings in search of the essence of a place, the disfunction of human intervention, and the infinite opportunity that lies between.

Following a degree in Architecture and Business Management from the University of Minnesota, Robin’s career began in neighborhood master planning through interactive design charrettes and dynamic community engagement. The active listening and consensus-building skills developed through these early experiences have fueled his success in navigating public-private partnerships and complex, multi-disciplinary urban design processes at various scales nationally and internationally.

Growing up in the woods of southern Wisconsin, Robin still recharges with an occasional forest immersion, usually in the saddle of a mountain bike. More often though, Robin, his partner and two kids, spend weekends, vacations, and summer evenings in-between cycling streets and sampling experiences and flavors of the city—Minneapolis or otherwise.