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Shane Coen


Shane loves the moment an idea is formed. It may come from research, past experience, visiting spaces or instinct. It may come while you are playing or working, while you are alone or collaborating. It may come from your client, anyone on a team, or even a friend. It is in that moment that Shane feels the magic of design. The rigorous and iterative process that follows after the idea is formed is what he describes as the science of design. This unique philosophy and collaborative process has inspired Shane for the past 30 years.

Shane is a teacher, mentor, and collaborator. He has taught at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and lectures extensively. He is recognized throughout the world for his and the firm’s commitment to a process that celebrates the social and environmental context of a project from start to completion.

Shane does not believe in separating work and life. He has always believed work and life are one and the same; balance is found in life, not in separating the pieces. He has a regular Kundalini practice and can often be found deep in the woods foraging for mushrooms and other edible plants and greens that grow all around us. Most of all, Shane finds meaning in strengthening his relationships with his partner, their respective children, families and friends. Shane Coen is the recipient of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Award and is the Founder and CEO of Coen+Partners.