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Tala Tabbakh

Senior Associate

Tala is an experienced Landscape Architect with over 9 years of professional experience mainly in the GCC region. Her passion for the natural environment and creating sustainable landscape has earned her a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Spending countless hours exploring the outdoors and traveling helped her develop a deep appreciation for the harmony between human interaction, cultural and the environment, which led her to pursue to a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Agricultural engineering from the American University in Beirut.

Throughout her career, Tala has worked on a wide range of projects, including residential, public spaces and commercial. She has collaborated with various clients to transform their visions to reality.

Tala enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, sports and foraging for herbs in her home country. Her love for adventure and discovery fuels her creativity and inspires her to create design, while respecting and preserving the natural environment