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Wess Diptee

Senior Associate

With over eight years of domestic and international experience in landscape architecture, Wess has worked on a broad range of projects in various industries at various scales. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Wess has always been interested in the intersection of design and nature, and the impact each can have on the other. Wess has worked on commercial development, transportation and infrastructural design projects across California, China, and Australia. 

As a licensed landscape architect with a dual masters in architecture and landscape architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Wess believes in the power of collaborative design and finding design solutions that result from the influence of multiple perspectives. Wess also enjoys being involved in academia and has taught courses at Drexel University and continues to teach at the University of California, Berkeley.

Coming from a multicultural background, Wess has a strong appreciation for diversity. This continues to drive his passion for travel photography, learning languages and culinary experimentation. Wess likes to stay physically active and has participated several times in the Bingham Cup, the biennial world championship of gay and inclusive rugby.