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Yiwen Chen


Yiwen, hailing from the scenic city of Hangzhou, China, famed for its iconic lagoon shaped by both nature and human craftsmanship, has been profoundly shaped by the landscapes she’s explored. This blend of natural beauty and human creativity fueled her drive to become a landscape architect. Through her educational and professional endeavors across China, Europe, and the USA, she’s cultivated an innate sense for the essence of a place, channeling this into capturing the unique spirit of each site in her designs.

Yiwen holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining Coen+Partners, she honed her skills at leading landscape firms in China, Germany, and the USA. She has contributed to international competitions and projects of diverse scales and scopes, earning accolades both academically and professionally.

In her leisure time, Yiwen relishes traveling to various places, immersing herself in different cultures. She’s also an enthusiast for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and paddling, fully embracing nature’s wonders. At home, she enjoys exploring recipes, cooking delightful meals, and sharing her culinary creations with friends—always seeking design inspiration in the nuances of daily life.