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Albrecht Residence

Landscape Architecture, Residential
Perched on a limestone precipice, the Albrecht Residence has commanding views of the Mississippi River.

Sitting within a mature forest, this linear property possesses vistas that transition dramatically from the neighboring farm to the river valley seventy feet below.  Through a collaborative process with the architect David Salmela, we sited the house and a garden cottage to maximize the river views and to preserve as many of the mature trees as we could.

Red Wing - MN
Completed 2001
Salmela Architect
<5 acres

A monumental bluestone wall serves as the entrance marker along the county highway, directing the eye to the horizontal planes of the farmland beyond. The driveway to the garden cottage was constructed as two narrow aggregate tire tracks piercing through the mature canopies, recalling the original rural character of the site and its larger context.

An oval bluestone tree wall surrounding a green ash punctuates the auto court and is gracefully proportioned to the volumes of paved surface and structure. From the auto court, the pedestrian journey to the front door of the house and to the river terrace is guided by additional bluestone walls and wooded structures, framing the views of the green ash, the garden cottage, and the pine forest beyond. An upper terrace of paving lawn spills out from the rear of the house, presenting sweeping views of mature trees and the entire river valley beyond.