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Sun Valley

Landscape Architecture, Residential
This residence draws inspiration from the context of high altitudes and a limited native plant palette

Sun Valley residence is a .27 acre family retreat located in Sun Valley, Idaho. The site has spectacular views of Bald and Proctor mountains—two iconic landmarks of regional alpine skiing. The landscape design blurs the boundaries between inside and outside of the home through shared materials to create an extension of regional geology, local ecology, and architecture.

Sun Valley, ID
Completed 2017
Janis Jarvis Group
<1 acre

Our team set out to create an active, sustainable, and contextually appropriate site. The site called for creative design solutions to work with high altitude, extreme climate conditions and a minimal, native plant palette. 

Walking into the house, you are surrounded by views of the landscape. The design is defined by its ability to remove boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Every element of the design was studied and tested until the right balance between complement and contrast was achieved. 

The resultant landscape is an area for both small and large group gatherings. Softscape and hardscape details respond to the site’s local and regional context. The material selection and excellent craftsmanship create a harmony throughout the entire design—creating spaces that seamlessly blend together